Caduceus Statues


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      What is the first symbol that comes to you mind when you think of the healthcare industry? Perhaps, you imagine caduceus features because it's the most widely recognized medical symbol all over the globe. Naturally, such a medical symbol might be a great gift or decoration element when it's represented in a flawlessly hand-carved wooden sculpture.

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      4 products

      Caduceus Statue as a Symbol

      The form and look of the caduceus medical symbol are quite familiar to many people - a scepter with angel wings and dual snakes. This symbol has deep roots in Greek mythology, which makes it even more meaningful from a cultural perspective.

      Originally, caduceus was a symbol of Hermas, who was a Greek god and the messenger between other gods. Hermes had several meaningful symbols but only Caduceus managed to remain an integral part of one of the most important sectors of public life.

      Today, a caduceus statue symbolizes the gift of healing. This medical symbol is also all about balance and protection, which are important parts of the medical field. Thus, if you would like to represent your appreciation for the whole medical sector, you won't find a better emblem than a custom sculpture with meticulous detailing of Caduceus.

      What Makes a Caduceus Sculpture So Special

      You might doubt the special nature of a caduceus statue due to a great diversity of other symbolic gifts like a rod of Asclepius statues. Nevertheless, there are some meaningful features, which have to be considered:

      • Symbolic Significance: Embodying profound symbolism, a wooden caduceus represents a dedication to healing, the pursuit of balance, and overall well-being. When featured on special occasions, it serves as a heartfelt tribute to the medical profession, honoring its invaluable contributions.
      • Artistic Uniqueness: Beyond its symbolic weight, wooden caduceus pieces are equally notable for their artistic flair. The meticulous carving of this emblem onto wood yields a visually striking and unparalleled masterpiece, making it an exceptional and distinctive gift.
      • Enduring Quality: Crafted from the enduring substance of wood, a wooden caduceus transforms into a timeless token of gratitude. Whether adorning a doctor's office, home, or workspace, it stands as a lasting symbol that will proudly endure for years to come.
      • Eco-Conscious Choice: Opting for a wooden gift reflects a commitment to environmental friendliness, as wood is a renewable and sustainable resource. This choice aligns with a conscientious effort to embrace eco-friendly practices and contribute to a healthier planet.

      Best Occasions to Present Carved Caduceus

      If you aren't a worker in the medical industry and you don't have your personal medical office to decorate with a caduceus statue, consider a carved medical emblem as a perfect present for individuals related to medicine. Here are the best occasions:

      • New Medical Grad: Congratulate a starting medical professional with a meaningful gift that will inspire them to put maximum effort into serving the key principles of medicine.
      • Doctor's Day: Make a pleasant surprise to the one who is paying their effort and knowledge to make your life better.
      • Retirement: Any professional would be very pleased to get a physical sign of the fact that other people appreciate their long experience in the field. A caduceus statue is a perfect choice in terms of the medical sector.

      Buy Hand-Carved Caduceus from Wood Soul Carving

      Wood Soul Carving is a place where you can buy hand-carved wooden medical sculptures of the highest quality. You can choose different symbols and place custom orders to receive a truly unique handmade decoration item.


      This is a scepter with angel wings on its top and dual snakes.
      It's definitely a great gift for workers in the medical industry who appreciate aesthetics and symbolism.
      It is an ancient symbol of the Greek god Hermes.
      Buying a wooden caduceus is a great idea if you want to present a meaningful gift to a medical professional.