Rod of Asclepius Statues


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      A wooden sculpture is often something bigger than just an artistry decoration element. While being aesthetically appealing, hand-carved wood sculptures may also have a lot of symbolic meaning, especially when inspired by internationally recognizable symbols, Greek mythology, or unique experiences and enhanced with top-quality ash wood, meticulous detailing, and master wood hand-carving techniques.

      The wood rod of Asclepius symbol statue is a great embodiment of this great mixture of features. Explore a unique assortment of wood rod statues with wonderful natural patterns or place a custom order with Wood Soul Carving!

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      3 products

      The Symbolic Implication of the Hand-Carved Wooden Sculpture of Asclepius

      Ancient mythology, and Greek mythology in particular, is a vast source of inspiration for symbols even in modern times. You must easily recognize such signs as the Red Cross, RX, Caduceus, and the rod of Asclepius, and some others. Both Caduceus and the Asclepius rod are inspired by Greek god myths.

      Actually, the Asclepius and Caduceus statues are quite similar in visual appearance but despite common source, they're not the same and have different histories. Caduceus features two snakes and wings, while the Asclepius' rod is just a serpent-entwined rod. The pole with wings is related to healthcare because it used to symbolize alchemy, which later evolved into modern-day chemistry and contributed to the evolution of healthcare. Caduceus belonged to Hermes, who didn't feature quite a strong relation to healthcare. Its counterpart, on the other hand, is derived from the legends about the Greek god of medicine.

      Thus, although these days wooden medical sculptures of both Caduces Asclepius are treated equally in meaningful significance, the wood rod has a closer relation to the earliest people's beliefs about healthcare.

      Key Features of the Rod of Asclepius

      Asclepius became admired as the ancient Greek god of healing due to the legend that he managed to bring back to life one of his patients. This unique ability scared great Zeus that mortals might become equal to gods and so he didn't put up with it.

      The rod became a symbol of Asclepius because this god was often portrayed carrying it. Actually, it's quite simple visually. If features:

      1. Wood rod: Almost every Greek god could be found portrayed with a rod although not in every case this rod would carry the same strong meaning. When it comes to Asclepius, wood rod means his power over healing and health care as in ancient times it was believed that he could bring mortals to life.
      2. Aesculapian snake: The Asclepius symbol statue isn't the only symbol of medicine where snake is used. The reason for this is that in ancient cultures snakes served as the representatives of the immortal life. This is all due to their ability of skin shedding, which back then was believed to show a sudden change similar to what people get when they get cured of a sickness.

      With all this in consideration, it's easy to realize how meaningful and impactful ancient cultures are from the perspective of modern times.

      The Rod of Asclepius Statue as a Meaningful Gift

      Since we've already discussed the serpent-entwined rod wielded by the mythic creature who could heal from everything, it makes sense to present the Asclepius symbol statue as a gift for doctors and other medical professionals. Consider some great occasions to do this:

      • Medical School Graduation: Presenting a sculpture of the Rod of Asclepius as a graduation gift to a new doctor symbolizes their entry into the noble profession of medicine.
      • Retirement from Medical Practice: To honor a lifetime of service and dedication in the medical field, a Rod of Asclepius symbol statue can be a meaningful retirement gift.
      • Opening of a New Clinic or Hospital: Celebrate the inauguration of a new medical facility with this symbolic sculpture, representing health and healing.
      • Medical Award Ceremony: Award the Asclepius symbol statue as a trophy to a doctor who has made significant contributions to their field, such as groundbreaking research or exceptional patient care.
      • Surviving a Challenging Surgery or Treatment: Gift the Asclepius symbol statue of a flawlessly hand-carved wood rod to a doctor who has successfully performed a particularly difficult or rare surgery as a token of appreciation and recognition.
      • Medical Conference or Symposium: As a token of appreciation or as a keynote speaker gift, the wood Rod of Asclepius can be a fitting and thematic choice.
      • Anniversary of Medical Practice: Celebrate a significant milestone, such as the 10th, 20th, or 30th anniversary of a doctor's medical practice with a meaningful Asclepius symbol statue.
      • World Health Day: Recognize a doctor’s contributions to public health on World Health Day with this meaningful symbol.
      • Mentor Appreciation: Present the Rod of Asclepius symbol statue to a senior doctor or mentor as a token of appreciation for the guidance and wisdom shared.
      • International Doctors' Day: Celebrate this day by honoring a doctor's commitment and service to the community with this iconic symbol.


      Basically, Caduceus is also a wood rod representing health care. However, it has two snakes and it doesn't belong to the god of healing.
      The wood rod with one serpent belonged to Asclepius, who was a god of healing in Greek mythology.
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