Figurative Statues


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      With so many unique interior decoration items on display, it might be difficult to choose something really unique and graceful. This is especially relevant for those who don't want to be hackneyed while expressing their care to the nearest and dearest. There's a simple yet elegant and stylish to do so. So what do you know about wood carving and its ability to express your most precious feelings through wooden sculptures?

      Wood carving is a well-established technique that can help transform a piece of wood into a stylish work of art. Although this is an ancient form of creating, it's so flexible that a talented sculptor can still create the modern beauty expressed in a wooden statue.

      The utmost diligence and sculpting knowledge are necessary to create a human form. Learn more about why it's still precious today and how you can use such mediums to showcase the most tender emotions!

      70 products

      70 products

      Wooden Sculptures for Everyone

      Foremost, let's find out what an abstract figure sculpture is. An abstract figurative sculpture is a wood statue carved in a complex shape that aims to reproduce either the natural beauty of something or provide the embodiment of some unseen and non-physical abstract concepts.

      Abstract figures are especially difficult types of artworks to reproduce for artists, no matter what material they work with. The reason for this is that a sculptor doesn't have any real shape to resemble an abstract concept. All they can use is their own imagination of unique drawing inspiration. Besides, every sculptor and individual might have their own perception and vision of some symbolic notions, like love and relationship. Some individuals might be willing to express them in existing forms while others will struggle to put such ideas in words not just in figures.

      Figurative sculptures are also quite complicated objects for artists. Usually, figurative statues are the ones that precisely resemble natural shapes. No matter how talented artists are, they cannot outperform nature itself. Nonetheless, who said they shouldn't give it a try?!

      Such diligently-created woodwork definitely deserves to serve your family space as a contemporary interior decor element that enhances harmony and brings back forgotten warmth.

      Why Abstract Figure Sculpture is a Perfect Gift

      Wood statues that resemble authentic figures are very worthy as gifts. There are numerous grounds for this statement to be true. Take a look at the most relevant ones:

      • Unique piece of art: A figurative sculpture carved of wood is something more than just a cute decoration element for your home interior. Creating a wood statue requires a diligent approach from wood sculptors. What's more, this requires artistic talent, which increases the value of the end product.
      • Good for many occasions: Most contemporary figure sculptures of wood recreate the shape of a couple in love. This makes wooden family figurines a perfect gift for occasions that celebrate love between two people. This is relevant for a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, the rite of baptism, and other family-related ceremonies or feasts.
      • Memorable: Perhaps, not often people come up with an idea to present figurative sculptures as gifts. This might make your gift much more memorable compared to other items presented by other guests on the occasion. Besides, if you order a custom wood figurative sculpture, even if someone else comes up with the same idea, it's very very unlikely that your presents will be the same.
      • Long-living: Wood is quite a durable material. With the right finish applied, the contemporary figurative sculpture will serve for quite a long. Besides, wood statues are much lighter and easier to transport than the ones made of stone.

      Types of Contemporary Figurative Sculptures

      • Marriage Couple Angel Bless: This wood sculpture is a perfect gift for a newly married couple. With it, you present them not only a classy piece of art but also a reminder that their relationship is tied by the forces above.
      • Family Figurine: This is a perfect anniversary or birthday gift to show how much you love and appreciate every member of your family. Artists from Wood Soul Carving can customize a family figurine, adding either a daughter or son or both!
      • Dancing Couple Statue: Wooden couple statues carry something more than a purely aesthetic appeal. They serve as daily reminders about what you love most and why you should put every effort to keep it that way for as long as possible.

      Buy Modern Figurative Sculpture from Wood Soul Carving

      Wood Soul Carving is the best place where you can look for unique wood pieces or art. While producing our statues, we put maximum effort into enabling our artists to showcase their creativity and bring your wishes to life. Wood is the best thing to embody your perception of this world in a life-like shape. So don't waste your time and place an order for the best artists working and custom products!


      Buy wood figurative statues from Wood Soul Carving. The studio offers a customer-oriented approach and exceptional quality of every product available at a sale.
      Yes, our wood sculptors use a sophisticated hand-carving approach to bring your ideas to life through the wood.
      A figurine art sculpture is a unique, long-living, and memorable gift for any occasion. It's also a perfect interior decoration element.
      Yes, our studio creates custom-made figurative statues.