Wooden Carved Heart Statues


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      What is the best decoration item for your lovely home if you want to elevate the romantic atmosphere? Probably, you should be looking for a symbol of love - a wooden heart statue!

      Such an interior element will suit every room. Made of solid wood, carved wooden hearts will serv je for a long time enhancing the interior of your room for as long as you need. Let's take a closer look at why a heart-shaped sculpture should be at every house.

      14 products

      14 products

      Why Buy a Carved Wooden Heart?

      There are many reasons why you should shop for a heart sculpture, but here are just the major ones:

      • Aesthetic Decoration Item: Foremost, a meticulously crafted wooden heart statue is a unique artistry element that can perfectly enhance the interior design of any room. It might suit different styles - from loft to classic, from modern to luxurious. This versatility makes heart sculpture must have.
      • Great Gift for the Beloved Person: A heart is the most recognizable symbol of love. Thus, a hand-carved heart is a great way to express your genuine feelings to the most beloved person in your life.
      • Suitable for Many Occasions: A good gift should be memorable and longliving. A carved wooden heart fits these criteria pretty well. A person will remember this gift as it will last long evoking pleasant memories about the occasion when it was presented.

      Best Occasions to Present Heart-Shaped Sculptures

      St Valentine's Day: In many countries, there is a tradition to gift heart-shaped Valentine's cards. However, a "wooden Valentine card" in the form of a carved wooden heart is a much better choice if you want your relationships to be as solid as wood.

      Wedding: It's not necessarily that you present a handmade wooden heart to your beloved person. You can make a unique gift on your friend's wedding day. Such a small but meaningful gift will remind a newly married couple about your genuine attention every time they take a look at your gift.

      Anniversary: Can you think of a better way to remember your beloved one on the anniversary of your relationship than a symbol of love? If not, order a sculpture crafted by hand right now!

      Custom Heart Statues for Everyone

      What makes up a really good gift? We believe that the best gift should be personalized to the individual receiving it!

      That's why Wood Soul Carving offers our customers to explore a wide assortment of hand-made carved wooden abstract sculptures!

      You can customize the design, shape, size, engravings, and many other features you would like to leverage to enhance the visual look of the gift and its impression on the person receiving it.

      Read reviews about previous sales to learn how our customers managed to get the best custom gift from us. Order from our shop and write your own review to motivate us to work even harder!

      Carved Hearts at Reasonable Prices

      Wooden endless abstract sculptures are unique decoration elements crafted with the hands of true professionals. Nevertheless, we offer affordable prices for exceptional-quality products that will not only make a good first impression but will catch one's eye for a long time afterward.

      Buy the Best Wooden Heart Sculpture Now!


      A wooden heart is a heart-shaped sculpture. It may come both in small and large sizes, depending on the custom order.
      Wood Soul Carving is the best place to buy such a handmade product. Read our customer reviews to learn more.
      It depends on what you are looking for: whether you need a small or large statue, an aesthetic or rustic one. Pay attention to the design, type of wood, and finish.
      Yes, Wood Soul Carving offers unique hand-carved products.